Almost everyone has experienced moving at least once in their lifetime. Almost everyone knows how stressful and tiring and how financially and logistically involved it can be, whether it is for a family home or a professional business or commercial enterprise. T&T Services Int.L supports its customers and offers its own qualified staff to ensure that the move is a simpler and streamlined operation and it can anticipate all phases by describing some operational and performance figures.


T&T Services Int.L performs technical surveys in order to carry out an assessment of the material to be moved and to understand the needs of the customer.During this stage, assessments are made in terms of volume and weight, on the amount and type of fragile and delicate items, objects of art or of any value, to them decide the kind of transport that is best suited to the context.


Another fundamental and crucial phase of a move consists undoubtedly in dismantling and reassembling the furniture, which is preceded by the survey of the inside and outside of the property, the availability of parking spaces, the distances involved in handling the goods, and consideration of any logistic factors useful for the handling of equipment and machinery. During this stage we draft a schedule with reference to the operating timings and the logistical arrangements also as regards the procedure for obtaining the necessary authorisations.

T&T Services Int.L deals with the paperwork and provides the vehicles needed for the move.


T&T Services Int.L is also involved in all stages prior to the relocation in it provides packaging materials suitable for protecting your belongings, furniture and all personal effects in general. The company also offers special rigid lockers to carry clothes for reliable and secure protection. Among the materials used by T&T Services Int.L, namely carton and bubble wrap, are PVC adhesive tape rolls and any crates or cages made of wood or other materials. In addition, depending on the size of the move, we draw an inventory that records the items to be moved.


T&T Services Int.L owns a fleet of vehicles and usually employs its aerial platforms for handling the material and make landings, buildings and lifts secure. Among the company's services are the loading and stowage in vans and lorries suitable for the move or in sea containers. The material moved is unloaded and placed at the destination specified by the customer and the replacement of furniture and furnishings takes place at this stage.


T&T Services Int. L also provides a goods deposit storage service and agreement with insurance coverage.

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