international relocations

International removals require specific training by companies that dedicate themselves to this particular business. Compared to national removals, they in fact involve a substantial number of additional procedures, as there are certain commercial and political relations between states, relationships and agreements that need to be properly respected during all stages of entry and exit of goods to and from national borders 

Sending goods abroad: peculiarities

First, in these cases it comes to transit of materials and goods over longer distances, often to be carried out by air or even by sea (using containers), and all this certainly does not fall within the competence and organizational skills of a firm that only offers small removals.

Second, the items that transit across international borders, are subject to specific Customs checks, and therefore need assistance in the course of the bureaucratic procedures, for the preparation of the waybill and other documents that can be readily available.

Finally, the final settlement in the new home, takes place in a foreign state, of which you need to know the regulations concerning transport and any other peculiarities.


T. & T. SERVICES INT. L. is a company capable of providing all this to its customers: it specialises in international removals not only for individuals, but also for civil servants, diplomats and the military, all cases in which the transfer operations require particular care.


Complete service from collection to delivery

The shipment of goods abroad is managed in every detail, from the collection of the goods until the delivery at the destination site, we are able to handle any stage of the consignment, including packaging, labelling, storage in the vehcles and all the stages of re-assembly and arrangement.

With the aim of offering the best service, the company, which is based in Rome and normally operates as well from many other towns of Lazio such as Pomezia, Frosinone and Monterotondo, also owns warehousing spaces for temporary storage, for every requirement.


Rates for international relacations

We consider every international move unique and personalised: for this reason, we kindly invite you to contact our office to request a tailor-made service and to know our rates.

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