Relocations by sea

For the international transportation of particularly bulky goods or to ship from mainland to islands, T. & T. Services Int. L. also manages sea shipments, dealing directly with all the logistic procedures and all necessary paperwork.

Removals by sea can transport both standard and over-size goods, special merchandise or entire batches of items: they are the best option to make long-haul shipment, e.g. to transfer an entire company or a relocate an office.


Relocations by sea are carried out after the goods are stored in special containers: the company manages the container service from start to end, offering both rental and storage operations to guarantee maximum safety during transportation. We offer container rental services for 20- or 40-ft containers with base to optimise logistics operations and the client investment.


Special packaging

Furniture, items, machinery, entire plants, oversize goods are suitably packaged and placed inside special shock-absorbing boxes: container storage allows maximum space saving and complete safety of each item.

We also use special equipment to lift the goods for an optimal placement within the container.


We are also at our clients' disposal with regard to handling all customs and freight paperwork: in this way we arrange law-complying sea freight, always providing the customer with a detailed estimate on the stage of the shipment.

Removals by sea include:

  • routes in the Mediterranean
  • routes in the Atlantic Ocean
  • routes in the Pacific Ocean
  • routes in the Indian Ocean.

In all cases, the services offered by T. & T. Services Int. L. allow the customer to have an experience interlocutor, able to act appropriately in all legal and logistics emergencies that such sizeable transport can lead to.

For more information please contact our headquarters in Rome, we are also available for a consultation or a custom quote.

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