Removals firm

T & T Services Int.l was founded many years ago by Severino Tuni who, experiencing firsthand the need to move during his post in the Air Force in the United States, struggled with relocating to and from foreign countries. It was then that Severino Tuni realised how difficult such an operation could be and noticed the lack of companies on which to rely for this kind of services.

Thus he created T & T Services Int. l. with a precise mission: customer satisfaction and finding the solution to the problems arising during the move.

Selected first-quality materials, qualified and always up-to-date personnel, courtesy and professionalism are the characteristics of a company that has made customer satisfaction its primary goal. 

T & T Services Int. l specialises in removals for the military, diplomats and staff from major international organizations, including:

  • diplomats and employees of the MAE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • officers and non-commissioned officers of the armed forces
  • NATO staff
  • members and directors of the various NATO agencies (NETMA - NAPMA - NAHEMA - NAMISDMA etc.)
  • staff from the European Commission, European Council and European Parliament
  • members of the European School.

    CERTIFIED UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008

    T & T Services Int.L has over the years expanded its scope and today is considered a fully-fledged international company, whose work is being continued by his daughter Emanuela Tuni.

    Competence and professionalism for a company whose internal processes are certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and meet every removals need around the world thanks to its collaborations, agents and the operational headquarters in Colleferro, Rome and Brussels.

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